SVNP winning advantage

SVNP winning advantage

  1. Minimum investment
 With the small investment of 2-3 lakhs entrepreneur can reap in huge profits provided your objectives and business plans is clear

  1. Constant revenue
 Due to its very nature computer training is constantly providing a business opportunity, with the steady source of revenue of skill up gradation

  1. Prestigious
 Computer training is a very respective business. You are doing  a social work by upgrading the skills of human and changing their lifestyles

  1. Time Saving
 Becoming a franchise, you do not have to spent a long time in building your credibility; you are able to generate instant business by utilizing the brand name of the SVNP.

  1. Constant growth
 The growth in software industry and fashion designing is extra ordinary and even better than any other business, where you get back your investment within a short span of one year

  1. New Opportunities
 The existing set up could be utilized for a verity of business expansion as and when new development takes place.

We will hold your hand every step of the way

We will do everything to ensure that your center gets the rights start. From creating the design to hardware, from manpower selection to software, from comprehensive training to marketing, we will assist you in every area to make your Venture a grand success.

Share our commitment
·         Pre launch guidance till inauguration of the center.
·         Training and administration, marketing and teaching methodologies.
·         Latest and most updated courses ware material.
·         Regular examination and certification support
·         Target oriented business proportional activities from time to time.
·         Media and promotional material
·         Insuring quality backup and support
·         Continue to uphold some of the highest standards of ethical business practice. 

Our Support

Center Location

  • The center location preferably be located on a main road in a well known area or near a popular landmark(school/college/commercial complex, etc.) where convenient public transport is easily available

  • The center should have ample free parking space and it should be clearly visible from the main road without obstruction to provide for signage and other publicity.

  • The centre should have at least 1200-1500 sq. ft. of covered area and essentials like water, power back up, wash rooms, provision for phone lines, elevators(other than ground floor location) , etc.

  • If rented, the lease should be valid for at least three years and the lease deed should have provision for allowing façade for signage, placement of generator, posting of security personnel. Regular maintenance & upkeep of the premises should be ensured.

Print Media & Press Release
 SVNP takes entire responsibility of brand building in national & local newspapers. Regular press releases are inserted covering latest developments of SVNP activities and networks

 Participation in the form of sponsorship of major educational & career fairs. Seminars & workshops are held regularly which include guest lecturers also.

Development of Franchisee Network
Timely and effective network expansion helps in reduction of shared casts where as it increases promotional activities

 SVNP’s corporate office provides guidance and assistance for activities like career fairs as well as provides designs & layout for entire local publicity like banners, posters, hand bills etc.

Examination & certification
 Regular practical/Viva are to be conducted with semester exams for which supervision and guidance is provided by SVNP. On successful completion of course and examination, certificate & mark sheet is issued. 

Human Resource Support
 SVNP’s HR department helps in recruitment of trained professional staff through head hunting as well as decentralized schemas. It also provides regular training not only to the technical staff but also to counselors & marketing personnel.

 SVNP’s placement cell controls & regulates the entire placement through canalized support i.e. corporate, regional & local. Constant interaction on a regular basis at various locations.

Support System
 SVNP’s back office support controls all reporting, admissions, material handling etc., on a periodic basis. Dedicated executives take care of all the basic needs & also forewarn the centers regarding any lapses on their part. This ensures smooth functioning.

Course Material
 SVNP provides course material for all its courses on an individual basis. The course are modified & updated as per changes & requirement of the industry. Entire kit & books material of SVNP are copyright. Reproduction of the same in any matter would attract legal action.

Visits & Meetings
 Regular visits by marketing & support personal helps in guiding &motivating the centers Periodic meeting of franchisee Director with Management/Senior Executive of SVNP helps in devising new strategies and addressing to problems. It also gives a platform for sharing their experiences.

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